A Used Volkswagen Hits The Spot

Who can help having a soft spot for Volkswagen? Call it a throwback to the days of (possibly) ill-conceived student politics, but there’s something about a company that names itself for the ‘people’s car’.

The design history of Volkswagen models has generally been quite pleasing, from the iconic Beetle to the smoothly executive Passat. In fact the only possible black mark on their record may be the early Polos. Less than attractive, abrupt metal boxes on wheels that looked like they were made to serve a utilitarian purpose. The Volkswagen Polo was the car of the people if those people managed to keep their eyes closed whilst getting into their vehicle. However over the years the harsh lines softened into something quite alien to its ancestors, and the Polo developed from an awkward teen into a curvaceous adult.

The Mark V Polo has elements that hark back to the angular nature of its forebears, but combines these with the more alluring sweeping lines that denote Volkswagen’s successful return to the integration of graceful bodywork. It may not yet have the symbolic factor of the Beetle, but it is instantly recognisable as a style unique to the Volkswagen camp that may very well become another generational place marker.

Whether you’re looking for something to transport the family or a car that will set you apart from the rest of the executive world, Volkswagen can provide a model that will fit like a favourite pair of gloves. There’s nothing pretentious about a VW, but likewise no model is humble. Seeing a Volkswagen is like seeing an old friend, a welcome recognition that makes you feel good for the rest of the day.

A used Volkswagen is the ideal choice for the discerning buyer, combining affordability with the reliable elegance that we have come to expect from the makers of the Phaeton and Jetta. With a vast range of models and engines on offer there’s an ideal VW for everyone, from lovers of vintage styles to those with yen for the more futuristic. With Volkswagen there is the perceived assurance that everything is going to be rosy. It’s a part of the public consciousness, a brand automatically associated with fond memories and high standards.

If you’re looking for a car that feels more like a companion than a tool, a used Volkswagen is the choice to make. The popularity of the Volkswagen brand is a well-earned mark of respect, and an excellent indicator of their ability to keep abreast of public demand with vehicles that marry innovative designs with top notch performance. With budgets tightening, the second hand Volkswagen market is the obvious port of call for those looking to save money whilst still being able to attain an attractive and reliable car. A used VW still has the charm of its brand new brethren, but comes with the comfortable feeling of community that embodies what the People’s Car stands for.

With their keen eye for design and an investment in reliable, high quality technology, it seems doubtful that we’ll ever see the day that Volkswagen says “That’s all, Volks.”

Pete Ridgard is writing about the Used Volkswagen market.