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The 2013 Volkswagen CC caught the interest of car buffs and experts when it was first debuted at the 2011 Los Angeles auto show. Although critics insist the price tag on the latest model is simply too high at $ 35,000, the carmakers insist that it is somewhat the most affordable sport car currently available on the market. Volkswagen set their latest launch four-door sedan in the class of luxury cars for example Audi A7, and BMW 6-series Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Now, let us find out how the company justifies the enormous price of the car and even why it thinks that the 2013 Volkswagen CC is way ahead of 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Basically, without doubt the most eye-catching feature of 2013 Vw CC is its great looks. The company has given it a lush face-lift. Some noteworthy functions of the car’s exterior are new LED taillights; the 2012 Volkswagen CC had circular tail lamps other than, the 2013 Vw CC has an spectacular bigger grille as compared to 2012 Volkswagen CC.

Furthermore, 2013 Volkswagen CC is loaded with highly advanced features, which makes it more appealing compared to its old version. Some of the worth talking about features incorporated in the latest model are Side Assist Plus that includes Lane Assist features giving you warning about vehicles in blind areas. It will help to avoid accidents by its integrated steering intervention attribute. Also, the 2013 Vw CC comes with Powerful Light Assist and traffic signal detection system that is camera based. One magnificent characteristic of the car is a ‘climate seat’ that has inbuilt massage function. And so you can relax yourself in luxury while enjoying driving in this plush car.

The other benefit of 2013 Volkswagen CC over 2012 Volkswagen CC is while the former can easily accommodate 5 persons, the 2012 model can seat only four passengers. The 2013 Vw CC is rated highly for their performance as its engine uses direct injection and moreover a turbocharger. Installed with six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the car can easily reach 31 miles per gallon on the highway. The only issue with the vehicle, based on critics is its steep price as well as this is where 2012 Volkswagen scores over as you can get it in the range of $ 28,000.

Get Volkswagen in Phoenix

If this much description captivates you and make you crave to learn more about the 2013 Volkswagen CC consider going to your trusted car dealership of Volkswagen in Phoenix Arizona. Get to know everything about the car and also get your booking done so that you get home the ravishing beauty prior to your neighbor does. Although, in case you are on budget and do not wish to spend so much on a new car think about purchasing used Volkswagen. When you are lucky you could set your hand on the 2012 Volkswagen CC when their owner end up buying the most recent version. Therefore go on and make the latest or a well-maintained used Volkswagen your own!

Casper Victor is smitten by the ravishing new 2013 Volkswagen CC and finds it better than 2012 Volkswagen CC on several aspects including looks and features. Consider visiting a reputed dealer of Volkswagen in Arizona to learn more about the latest version of the car or to buy used VW. To learn more about Volkswagen cars on sale visit:

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