Model Cars: Fit for All Ages!

Model cars are basically a miniature representation of actual cars, and they are normally a to-scale model of the real cars. Model cars are normally made of die cast metal and most companies dealing in die cast metal offer a lifetime warranty for their model cars. Model cars are of several types, and the best types will have quite some intricate details and movable (but unbreakable) parts, just like the original cars.

Model cars are prepared from all kinds of material, right from wood, plastic, resin to die cast metal. The die cast metal model cars are supposed to be the strongest of any kinds of model cars. They are strong and sturdy and take a lot more of wear and tear than other model cars.

The First Model Cars

While model cars are mostly seen as toys and gifts for children and teenagers, they were never designed or marketed as children’s toys. In fact, some models today are collectors’ item and more expensive than any other toy in the market.

The first die cast model cars were prepared by Banthrico in the late forties. These model cars were, of all things, made especially for the banking industry. Basically, these model cars were miniature banks, and they were given to people who opened a new account in a particular bank. The cars had a slot at the bottom, through which the bank account holder could put in their loose change.

The most popular car models at that time were the Buicks, Lincolns, Packards, Chryslers, Dodges, Cadillac, Ford and Chevrolet. Miniature cars, or model cars, as they are popularly known, have a common scale of 1:25th, however, some model cars are prepared at a larger scale of 1:20th.

Stepping into the Modern Age

Maybe the first usage of modern model cars was in the automobile industry, when AMT and its sister company produced 1/25th models of the popular coaster and friction models. These models were mostly used as a toy for children who used to come with their parents to the automobile shop to buy cars.

Die cast models are manufactured in various scales, like 1:18, 1:24, 1:48 and 1:43. Today, a die cast model car is created with a great amount of detail, as compared to when die cast models first burst on the scene. There are several details that vary from model cars of different scales. The die cast model cars created in the 1:18 scale are mostly the ones created as the collectors’ editions.

The prices of die cast model cars vary from model to model. Obviously, the price increases with an increase of details and even graphics. Some die cast model cars are so detailed that they will even have the decals and other designs that are seen on the original models.

Today, there are several ways in which you can buy model die cast cars. Most toy shops will have all the major types of model cars, and you can get quite some relevant model die cast cars. Also, there are several websites that cater to people who wish to collect die cast models of cars. These websites are known to offer the rarest of die cast model cars.

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