The Innovative 2015 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen is known for making high quality vehicles and the 2015 Volkswagen Golf is likely to live up to a lot of high expectations. Past models have been high-powered, reasonably efficient, and capable of hauling high numbers of passengers. The 2015 Golf is expected to hit dealerships later this summer in July. With a starting MSRP of $ 17,995 the sleek and versatile Golf has many features that are sure to make the driving experience exciting.SizeLooks can be deceiving when it comes to interior space of the all-new Volkswagen Gold. The Golf is just an inch shy of six feet wide, is nearly five feet tall and is almost 14 feet long. ... Read More

Volkswagen Golf GTI – The Icon

Volkswagen Golf GTI - The IconThe Volkswagen Golf GTI with three door body and manual gearbox, costs more than the Scirocco. The only big question that rises in the mind is, is it worth it? To earn its GTI badge back, Volkswagen Golf need to make some extensive changes. As you look at the Golf, you will notice that the aerodynamic add-ons are limited to a diffuser and small rear spoiler, and the skirts are also less pronounced than before which shows how keen Volkswagen is in evoking the spirit of original. Undoubtedly, when it comes to very powerful engine for Golf GTI, it's worth it. ... Read More