Most Fuel Efficient Cars and Your Knowledge about Them

What do you think about the most fuel efficient cars? Are they also going to be expensive--too expensive, in terms of daily use and maintenance? Or are they as cheap as anything in the world? What's your opinion? What's your knowledge about most fuel efficient cars? What do you know about the mileage of most fuel efficient cars? Is it just their capability to consume fuel efficiently or is it something more to them which also adds to their prominence? Well, all these questions about most fuel efficient cars are relevant and meaningful. The point is how to get enough knowledge about most fuel efficient cars and maybe lay your hands on them? ... Read More

The Saab Gt850 Sports Car – A Most Collectible Mid-60’s Sportscar Auto

Before the strange Saab Sonett sports car reached full production in 1967, Saab's performance leader was the unconventional GT850 sports sedan. Powered by a three cylinder engine, triple carbureted two stroke engine, its mechanical specifications seem more like competition dirt bike than an automobile. The GT850 called the "Saab Sport" in Europe made its entry debut into the American market as a 1963 model. It featured front disc brakes, an oil injection system that eliminated the need to pour 2 stroke oil into the fuel tank at every fill-up and a most mighty 841 cc engine that made 57 barrel horse power - fifteen more than the 96 on which the Saab GT750 was based. ... Read More