The Help of Volkswagen Restoration Parts

Volkswagen has been selling wagons in the United States for over fifty years and is one of the most successful car companies in the world. If you can even set your mind back far enough before the introduction of the first Transporter or when people started to call it the Microbus, Volkswagen referred to it as the Volkswagen Station Wagon, plain and simple. That Volkswagen line went on for some time until the first Type IIIs burst on the scene. This ultimately paved the way for the Type IV, then the Dasher, to the Quantum and Fox wagons, and finally the Passat, which has been the leader in this area since 1990.

The latest wagon that is released from the Volkswagen manufacturers is the SportWagen. This wagon is built off of the Jetta model, but it is much more than a sedan with a hatch on it. This vehicle is completely new and innovative with the unique fashion of the rear doors. The rear quarter panels are wagon specific and have the unique tail lamps that are characteristic of the Volkswagen look. Even the rear headrests are different; they sit lower so they do not block visibility out of the hatch.

The Volkswagen is sure to impress all of its owners in 2009 as well as anyone who takes an interest in Volkswagen restoration parts. It has been proven that the new Volkswagen SportWagen is actually only fifty pounds heavier than its sedan counterparts. Typically, the weight of the Jetta is mostly in the trunk, so this actually helps to balance out the normally nose heavy front drive and provide a better weight distribution.

Volkswagen restoration parts are things that have been used for many years to update and modify different Volkswagen models. Whether you are a Volkswagen enthusiast or a first owner, it is a good idea to take the time to learn about Volkswagen restoration parts because they may become very useful to you in the future. If you are someone who enjoys vintage cars, but worry about how they will hold up for the future, then Volkswagen restoration parts are exactly what you need.

The standard and midrange SportWagens are equipped with a standard 2.5 liter aluminum inline five that is deployed across the rest of the Volkswagen lineup and makes for a 170 horsepower and 177 pound feet torque. This car is the next big thing for Volkswagen and is definitely something you should look for in 2009.

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