Thecollegedriver is the missing link between cars and car enthusiasts

Most of the time people stuck with automobile review portals unable to finalize what to buy or when to buy. A review board should help visitors or users in finding the right solution by educating them, and that’s what is doing. TheCD is not limited to car reviews, news or automobile technology updates; rather it works as a perfect social dashboard for car enthusiasts and a driver education advisor.

When you visit, you come across some of the social interactive features like Dashboards, Friends & Tickets. If you’re a driver or a car enthusiast and looking to interact with people of the same interests, then is the right place for you. Here you can create you profile and dashboard where you can put your experiences with cars. You can post news and auto reviews about cars and comment on other reviews.

Invite your friends and add car lovers to your profile. Start discussions with them and get updated with newest technologies. Post pictures of your rides and show them to your friends. Another one interesting feature at theCD is the Ticket issuing system. It’s more like a message that appears on your friend’s dashboard. With this you can issue tickets to your friends who just bought a new car.

TheCD presents not only reviews but also safety and crash test ratings from national agencies, which help the buyer in making smarter choices. The driver education advisor helps new drivers with lessons on car driving and traffic regulations. Car road tests and editorial ratings are helping buyers in making choices with respect to prices, performance, design and fuel efficiency.

The car care feature helps new drivers with lessons to maintain their cars. Apart from all these, it’s also an innovative news platform that publishes news on innovative video commercials, auto shows and campaigns from car manufactures. TheCD serves multiple generations with news on automobile updates, reviews on both new and used cars, social dashboard and future Green technology. is owned by Zeid Nasser, a mechanical engineering grad and an avid car enthusiast. He always came across people who are crazy about cars, and thought about creating one place for them to share their passion, ideas, and opinions. That’s when was created to allow Zeid and others to post auto reviews, car reviews and share their experiences and thoughts.