Volkswagen Golf GTI – The Icon

Volkswagen Golf GTI – The Icon

The Volkswagen Golf GTI with three door body and manual gearbox, costs more than the Scirocco. The only big question that rises in the mind is, is it worth it? To earn its GTI badge back, Volkswagen Golf need to make some extensive changes. As you look at the Golf, you will notice that the aerodynamic add-ons are limited to a diffuser and small rear spoiler, and the skirts are also less pronounced than before which shows how keen Volkswagen is in evoking the spirit of original. Undoubtedly, when it comes to very powerful engine for Golf GTI, it’s worth it. As the automotive world is struck into the likes of Bentley’s V8, Porsche 911 and Land Rover Defender there are more lasting cars than the Volkswagen Golf GTI but they are few.

Back in year 1975 there was a pure genius but as it went on the Mk3 was an utter disappointment and Mk4 showed that Volkswagen is going in the right direction. Miraculously the last version proved to be the breath of fresh life to a brand on the verge of distinction. It is a great mixture of technology and engineering. From its design to its gadgetries, Golf is taking the lead in its segment. Right mood for GTI is captured as the cabin is revealed when the long and heavy door for of the three door body opens wide. By touching your heart it will make you speak it out loud that it is not an ordinary Volkswagen Golf, when you will take a glance at the sawn-off wheel with red stitching, aluminum effect pedals and nostalgic tartan seat upholstery.

The amount of the room in the rear is less satisfactory though. As the front seats slide way forward, access to the rear seats is pretty accessible but once you are in there, the knee space is particularly limited. But that is because of excellent, heavily bolstered GTI-grade front seats. Golf’s inherent qualities such as fine driving position, clarity of layout of its instruments, first class ergonomics are rightfully left untouched. Under the hood is all new reworked version of Volkswagen Golf GTI’s engine: a 2.0-litre, direct injection TFSI with 208bhp producing the torque of 206lb ft, significant CO2 reduction from 189 to 170g/km, reaching 0-62mph just in 6.9 seconds. And with fuel economy improvement by 3.4mpg claimed to be on 38.7mpg now.

There is another model Golf Plus that is using a new technology in Volkswagen Golf Diesel Engine known as Blue-motion, a 1.6-litre TDI with Blue-motion gives 65.7mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km. There is an electronic device attached to the Volkswagen’s engine called the sound generator that sifts the noises passing through the exhaust and ensures that only those reach the cabin which you want to hear. As standard class suspensions: Golf has struts at the front and a multi-link at the rear, throttle map and steering assistance can be altered by choosing Adaptive Chassis Control. Volkswagen Golf GTI’s new model is mature, more substantial and easy to live with as its ride, refinement, running costs, all is so delightful.

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